Last Day of 2014What are you Thankful to God for?

I am THANKFUL to God for sustaining my life and family lives throughout this year 2014. I’ve had my share of ups & down in life but by the GRACE of God IAM still alive and strong… Sometimes in life it’s not about how you planned your life but rather it’s what God has in store for you. There was a time in 2014 where I was depressed, stressed, & thought about giving up on life but I came through with the help of God, my church & prayers.. Trust me you will not understand my testimony unless you’ve a test… But I’m a living testimony that God works wonders. Prayers does work even when u think you’ve lost all hope. It may not seem to be fast enough in your time of needs or crises but keep FAITH! Sometimes we catch ourselves asking God “why” 

Why is my life like this

Why he/she have it all when they don’t even recognized you as their God

I’ve been good to you in my life, I pray, go to church & participate in your house, so why me?

These are all the questions we find ourselves asking God when things are not working in our life the way in which it supposed but Remember God plan for us is different from what we have planned for ourselves.

Never give up in life keep on praying & having faith that God is the dorer of ALL things & with him ALL things are possible.. 

Go into 2015 with an expectation for God..