60 days edges re-growth 

Most people think going Natural will automatically change the status of their edges growth but that’s not truth at all.  I’ve never had problem growing the rest of my hair but growing my edges that’s when the difficulty comes into play. I really don’t care for my edges that much Cuz I’m always focus on the rest of my hair instead of pampering my edges.. I’ve killed my edges by dying/bleaching, weaving(sewing) and not giving it the proper treatment it deserves. So I’ve decided to go on a 60Day edges re-growth and I’m gonna focus on that mainly for 2months. I’m very determined to grow it back before August. Not wearing weave or wig for 6months.


New Purchase| The Body Shop | Green Tree & Vitamin C facial cleanse

Starting my year 2015 with this new Green Tree facial cleanse set & the Vitamin C from The Body Shop.. I’ve been battling with Acne & blackheads/spot for over years now.. I’ve used every products that I can think of & none continue to work. One min it’s working & the next its stop working totally.  I’ve also try few fade cream( Ambi & Nadinola) which I like the result but my face started to get lighter than my whole body & as soon as I stop using it, my face got more spotty than it was.. This year I’m going for flawless skin tone, so with that being said I decided to try these out.. I read a lot of good reviews about these products especially the VC  Microdermabrasion.. Stay tune for the results 

Last Day of 2014What are you Thankful to God for?

I am THANKFUL to God for sustaining my life and family lives throughout this year 2014. I’ve had my share of ups & down in life but by the GRACE of God IAM still alive and strong… Sometimes in life it’s not about how you planned your life but rather it’s what God has in store for you. There was a time in 2014 where I was depressed, stressed, & thought about giving up on life but I came through with the help of God, my church & prayers.. Trust me you will not understand my testimony unless you’ve a test… But I’m a living testimony that God works wonders. Prayers does work even when u think you’ve lost all hope. It may not seem to be fast enough in your time of needs or crises but keep FAITH! Sometimes we catch ourselves asking God “why” 

Why is my life like this

Why he/she have it all when they don’t even recognized you as their God

I’ve been good to you in my life, I pray, go to church & participate in your house, so why me?

These are all the questions we find ourselves asking God when things are not working in our life the way in which it supposed but Remember God plan for us is different from what we have planned for ourselves.

Never give up in life keep on praying & having faith that God is the dorer of ALL things & with him ALL things are possible.. 

Go into 2015 with an expectation for God.. 

What are your take on Prenup ~For richer or poorer~

Nowadays relationship and marriage are all about benefits and contracts (what can I gained from this) it’s no longer about LOVE.  If someone truly loves you enough to married you, so why should you’ve to sign a “Prenup”. I  just feel if you doesnt trust me, why married me! You should just keep your ring & wealth. TRUST is the number one commitment in every relationship or marriage 

Do you think prenup should only be for the wealthy? Or it’s ok to sign a prenup during marriage 

Update | Hair Growth Pills| Review 

I started using these pills recently like about a month ago and so far I’ve not seen any growth in my hair but rather thickness & fullness.. No lie these pills are huge & they taste horrible. I definitely saw some growth & glow in my nails & skin. This pills include all your vitamins, folic acid, biotin, zinc, pantothenic acid, niacin & copper that you will need to grow and strengthen your hair.. It’s a dietary supplement & it has 60 capsules. It’s called KRA- Z Hair Gro and it’s also herbal hair formula. You can find this pills & oil on this site www. OnlyHairLoss.com

FYI I hate pills